Bass Pro Shops Heir Nails Record Fish With Bow and Arrow

I'm sure there are come fisherman out there that aren't aware you can fish with a bow and arrow.  It's not the sort of thing usually taught at 'Cops and Bobbers', but it's a great way to go after roughfish.

It's also a heck of a lot of fun.

If you ask Johnny Morris, I'm sure he'd agree.  As reported by Wes Johnson:

Morris, son of Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, said he and several friends were targeting carp and other rough fish Saturday night, using a boat with special floodlights that illuminate the water beneath the boat.

"We saw this big fish cruising toward our boat in 8 feet of water," Morris recalled. "All of us took a shot but none of us connected. But then the fish came up behind us and was almost surfing the wake. I don't know why that fish stayed up like it did, but I got an arrow in it and my friend got a backup arrow in it, which we do with real big fish."

They got the fish aboard and measured it at 39 inches in length, with a girth of 32.5 inches. Their unofficial boat scale showed it weighed 58 pounds.

"I knew the Missouri record was in the mid-50s, like 54 pounds, on a fish from Pomme de Terre," Morris said. "Ours weighed 57.7 pounds on another set of scales so we knew it might be a state record."​

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