Sweedish fisherwoman + 103 lb fish = AWESOME

We’ve all been fishing in murky water and thought we’ve got The Big One on the line.

But what would you do if you actually DID have a monster on the end of your pole?

This Sweede was fishing with her friends at the Gillhams Fishing Resort in Thailand one hot afternoon when she found the answer to that question.   After nearly 15 minutes of battling the beast, she eventually landed the monster.  This Siamese carp weighed in at 103 pounds

According to her blog, this fish was only 12 pounds short of the world record.  While I’m sure it would have been nice to get the world record, my guess is she now holds the record for the most-fish-per-pound of the angler. 

Regardless of the state of the record, that’s a fish both she and her companions are going to remember forever.  I’m glad one of them were able to catch the epic battle on a video so we could all share in the moment as well. 

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